1st Lt. David Richard Reynolds Camp #2270, SCV, Mount Pleasant, Texas



Titus County Cemeteries with Confederate Graves

We are making every effort to identify all Confederate Heroes buried in Titus County. If you know of a Confederate Soldier that is buried here, but not listed, please contact us. Also, if you have any corrections on those that are listed also please let us know.

Not only are we attempting to identify all Confederate Heroes, we are also trying go get a Guardian from our camp to maintain each grave within the county.

Cemetery Reported
Barrett Cemetery 9 4 John Michael Mars
Bennion Cemetery 4 4 Larry "Joe" Reynolds
Bivens Cemetery 18 18 Alvin "Rex" McGee
Blevins-Cason Cemetery 14 14 Talks With White Buffalo
Brantley Cemetery 1 1 Larry "Joe" Reynolds
Bridges Chapel Cemetery 16 10 Larry "Joe" Reynolds
Center Grove-Yancey Cemetery 14 9 Talks With White Buffalo
Cook William Cemetery 2 1 Larry "Joe" Reynolds
Cookville Cemetery 17 10 James Robert Reynolds
Coopers Chapel 11 11 Robert Jones
Damascus Cemetery 16   Adopt Me!
East New Hope Cemetery 11 10 Harry King
Edwards / Colonel Hill / Mt. Pleasant Cemetery 21 16 O. M. Adams
Emerson Cemetery 2   Adopt Me!
Evans Cemetery 6 4 Adopt Me!
Ft. Sherman Cemetery 3 3 William "Bill" Guy
Gladewater Cemetery 11   Adopt Me!
Greathouse Cemetery 1 1 Adopt Me!
Greenhill Cemetery 26 25 Alvin "Rex" McGee
Hayes Cemetery 1   Adopt Me!
Hickory Hill Cemetery 7   Adopt Me!
Johnson-Batte Cemetery 1 1 Talks With White Buffalo
Justiss Cemetery 7   Adopt Me!
Liberty Hill Cemetery 17 16 Tommy Lee Reynolds
Lone Star Cemetery 2 2 Alvin "Rex" McGee
Long Cemetery 2 2 John Michael Mars
Marshall Springs Cemetery 3 1 John Michael Mars
Masonic Cemetery 34 22 Talks With White Buffalo
Murphee-Concord-Jones Cemetery 2 2 Adopt Me!
Nevills Chapel Cemetery 9 8 Alvin "Rex" McGee
Old Union Cemetery 9 7 Larry "Joe" Reynolds
Phillips-Taylor Cemetery 1 1 James Robert Reynolds
Piney Cemetery 1 1 Adopt Me!
Pitt Cemetery 1   Adopt Me!
Roper-Panther Cemetery 4   Adopt Me!
Russell Cemetery 2   Adopt Me!
Shiloh Cemetery 1   Adopt Me!
Snodgrass Cemetery 6 6 Adopt Me!
Springhill North Cemetery 6   Adopt Me!
Springhill Southeast Cemetery 7   Adopt Me!
Tabb-Pearson Cemetery 1   Adopt Me!
Talco Cemetery 8   Adopt Me!
Tranquil Cemetery 18 14 Larry "Joe" Reynolds
Traylor Cemetery 3   Adopt Me!
Union Hill Cemetery 11   Adopt Me!
White Oak Cemetery 7 5 John Michael Mars
Wilhite Cemetery 4   Adopt Me!
Winfield Cemetery 11   Adopt Me!
Woodmen-Monticello Cemetery 11   Adopt Me!
Total for Titus County 395 149 37.72%